Movement Specialist


Untangling misinformation.

I’ve been fascinated by physicality since I can remember. Through spending many years training in different modalities, strength training, dance, Olympic weightlifting, sprinting, some martial arts, I learnt much about how the body works and how to change things in the body.

Through various injuries I delved deeper into rehab, physical therapy and this lead me to massage and bodywork practice. I trained in the UK in sports and clinical massage, also training in traditional Thai massage in Thailand and being exposed to many other modalities of bodywork.

I use many tools to achieve whatever result I’m looking for. I don’t believe there is only one way to do anything. I mix styles and traditions to create something that works for me and for my clients.

I believe in a holistic approach that addresses each person as an individual.

I want to feel good in my body, the vehicle through which I experience the world, and to facilitate this experience with others. 

I offer private and small group training, classes and workshops.